Young pop sensation Sydney Leigh released her debut EP “Crazy Beautiful” this January with the support of Sir Nolan (Pitbull, Justin Beiber, The Wanted) and Steve Daly (Christina Aguilera, Pink). The four song Pop EP communicates a strong positive message, incredible vocals and impeccable production. We had the chance to interview the rising star on her way to the top:

You started playing music at the early age of 5 years old. Who inspired you and what instruments did you learn to play?

The person that originally inspired me to play music was Christina Aguilera. That was around the time when her big first album came out and she really inspired me to start singing. Guitar is my first instrument; I’ve been playing for about three years.

You recorded your own covers of songs on youtube before making original music. How did you make your song choices?

I usually like to stick in the pop genre, but I like to take a lot of upbeat songs like “Alive” by Krewella and I like to slow them down and play acoustically. That’s my favorite way to perform.

You traveled from your hometown of Lake Orion, Michigan to LA to record. What are some of the biggest differences between home and LA?

Lake Orion is a very small town; nobody knows where it is haha. There’s no music scene or anything, so going to LA was totally eye-opening. It’s a totally different vibe and life style. I feel a little out of place because it’s such a big city.

Do you think you’ll have to relocate to a major metropolitan area for that reason?

Yes, if things continue how they are going and if I’m going to have to travel more.

What was it like working with Sir Nolan (Pitbull, Justin Beiber, The Wanted) and Steve Daly (Christina Aguilera, Pink) in the recoding process? Did they give you any pointers for recording or style tips?

They were amazing and very respectful people. They gave me a lot of pointers about my singing and walked me through the whole recording process. It was great to work with Sir Nolan and Steve.

That’s great that they gave you so much instruction. You talked about how much Christina Aguilera inspired you, but what other artists do you look up to? Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Other then her, I really love Kelly Clarkson and I’d love to collaborate with her. She doesn’t have to do a big dance production in her concerts, her songs and their great stories stand on their own.

What inspired the song “Crazy Beautiful?”

This song is about my experience coming into high school as a freshman. It was really just experiences that all kids can relate to. It’s about being yourself and how people should come together and be who they are.

Do you have a pre-gig ritual?

Sometimes I have little pieces of paper with one word on it and I won’t look at it at all; it just helps me feel secure that I’ll remember the first word and the lyrics haha. I also hum the first note that starts the song so I don’t forget where I begin.

What are your music goals for the future and what can fans expect next?

My biggest goal is to make more music and to keep building up a fan base. I also have an NBA half-time show coming up, which is really going to help for building a fan base.

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By Kurt Tellez